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Donna and Shula Productions is the international production company based in Israel responsible for award-winning and global reaching television including popular drama, comedy, children’s and documentary series.  

The company is led by Dana Eden and Shula Spiegel and, who have extensive experience both as showrunners and in production.


With their combined experience, Donna and Shula Productions has become the definitive leading production company in Israel, responsible for a wide variety of series including the acclaimed Apple+ thriller, “Tehran.” 

The company,  founded in 2007, consistently produces engaging content that attracts global attention.  Working with top Israeli and international directors, writers and stars, the company has invested in culturally significant projects through their character-rich and intelligent stories.

Donna and Shula’s projects have earned many awards, including a 2021 International Emmy Award for Best Drama Series for Season 1 of “Tehran.” 

In 2021, Slutzky Productions (HSCC) and Donna and Shula Productions became partners. HSCC is owned by Haim Slutzky and Dari Shai, its CEO is Rinat Klein. With three divisions working in full synergy in TV format development and production. Leveraging its innovative vision, know-how and collaboration with all Israeli broadcasters, HSCC also operates Israel’s leading documentary TV channel (HOT 8), as well as the Hot Entertainment and Hot Real channels, delivering original - format entertainment content. In addition, Slutzky provides talent management services.

Leading productions from Donna and Shula Productions:

Scripted TV Series

  1. Tehran (2019, 2021) | Broadcaster:  APPLE TV+.  KAN Public Broadcasting

  2. Shakshooka (2021) | Broadcaster: KAN Educational Television

  3. Age Appropriate (2019) | Broadcaster: Keshet Channel 12

  4. The Magpie (2019) | Winner of Best Script Award at Berlin Series Festival 2019  ,Broadcaster: YES .

  5. She’s Got It (2018) | Broadcaster: Keshet Channel 12

  6. Mother's day (2017) | Broadcaster: Keshet Channel 12

  7. Dan and Muzly (2014) | Israel Television Academy Award, Best Children’s/Youth Comedy Series 

  8. My Problems with Women (2010) | Broadcaster: Israel Channel 10

  9. Always the Same Dream (2009) | Winner, 2010 Israel Cinema and Television Academy Award for Best Mini-Series, Broadcaster: HOT 3

  10. Five Men and a Wedding (2008) | Broadcaster: Israel Channel 10

Scripted – coming soon

  1. Aryeh | Broadcaster:  KAN Public Broadcasting

  2. The Magpie - season 2 | Broadcaster: YES

  3. Michael, season 2 |  Broadcaster: YES

  4. Shakshooka - season 4 | Broadcaster: KAN Educational Television

  5. Saving the Wild Animals (season 3) | Broadcaster: KAN Educational Television


Documentary Series

  1. Looking Out for Number One (2020) | Broadcaster: KAN Public Broadcasting

  2. Turning Point (2018) | Broadcaster: KAN Public Broadcasting

  3. Saving the Wild Animals (2018) | Broadcaster: KAN Educational Television

  4. Families (2013) | Broadcaster: HOT Channel 3

  5. London, Corner of Ben-Yehuda (2011) | Broadcaster: YES

Israel Television Academy Award, Best Documentary Series

Documentary Films

  1. "Rain in the Eyes",(2020) |  Ophir award – best documentary, Broadcaster -Hot channel 8

  2. Murder at The Cinema (2020) | Broadcaster: KAN Public Broadcasting, best documentary of the Film Critic Award

  3. Lullaby for the Valley (2020) | Broadcaster -Hot channel 8

  4. The Land Beyond the Mountains (2017) |  Broadcaster -Hot channel 8, Israel Television Academy Award, Best Short Film, 2018

  5. Broke (2015), Broadcaster | Hot channel 8, Israel Film and Television Academy Ofir Prize, Best Documentary, 2015

  6. Last Stop, Broadcaster | Yes docu, Winner of Research Prize, Israel Film and Television Academy Ofir Prize, Best Documentary, 2014

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