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The Guardian

Tehran series two review – Glenn Close adds menace to this breathlessly exciting thriller.

New York Times

An Israeli spy series on Apple TV+ has all the cliffhangers you could ever need.


calls the “tremendous" series a “captivating spy thriller” worth “your precious time״

Stern (Germany) 
“This series tells an exciting espionage story about the conflict between Israel and Iran."
"Fantastic new leading actress Niv Sultan"


New York Post

Spy drama ‘Tehran’ a nail-biting thriller

“Fans of the cloak-and-dagger genre will be intrigued by “Tehran”

“It’s a doozy — from its topical plot line, to its frenetic pace to its three-dimensional portrayal of people on both sides of a long-simmering historical conflict warring with each other, and with their own personal demons”

“Nonstop game of cat-and-mouse”

“It’s easy to believe that it was shot in Tehran, with its atmosphere of menace permeating every nook and cranny”

“it’s a pulse-pounding journey”


Watch this exclusive clip from the epic season finale of ‘Tehran’ on Apple TV+

“One of the best show’s on Apple TV+ as well as one of the best TV shows of the year”

The Magpie

"Is an outstanding original series that takes place in the Israeli periphery and tells a universal story … Episode 7 is one of best-ever in Hebrew suspense series… Created by Omri Shenhar, Adam Bizanski and Donna Eden and directed by Ariel Benbaji, this YES original series exemplifies what I want to see on our television screens – local without being provincial."

Niv Hadas, "Haaretz", 2019

Mother’s Day

״A brilliant series that will make you scratch yourself. The comic series, ‘Mother’s Day’, written by Daniella London-Dekel, presents Keren Mor, Dror Keren and Orly Zilbershatz in an intelligent, hilarious discussion about social duplicity and dishonesty. This is how humor should be written.״

Ariana Melamed, "Haaretz", 2019


״Families is an ambitious, impressive series by Tomer Heymann and Barak Heymann – two brothers who, in approaching the creation of a documentary about five Israeli families, set new standards for documentary creativity.״

Lihi Veller, Walla Culture


״An attempt to ease the negative burden of being overweight.״

Smadar Shir


״Julie Schlez’s documentary is marked by its ability to pour some soul into the news headlines and reports on “the financial situation”, and shed some light – or darkness -- on them.״


Looking Out for Number One

״Sami Peretz and Ruthie Yovel’s series, “Looking After Ourselves”, is well-worth watching, not only because of Sami’s analyses, and not only because it is thought-provoking, but also because it’s rich in outstanding archival materials. Five gripping episodes!״


Lullaby for the Valley

״It’s not every day that you see a documentary as visually beautiful as “Lullaby for the Valley”


Murder at Cinema North

״The wonderful documentary, “Murder at Cinema North” (Kan Channel 11), directed by Avida Livneh and created by Yaron London, stirs the emotions, features a wealth of interviewees and archival materials, along with locations on three continents and, especially, an outstanding story that builds gradually until its inevitable conclusion. What begins as a crime documentary, rapidly rises higher and higher.״


Dvora Omer - Rain in Her Eyes

״Ron Omer’s talent as an editor is apparent in “Rain in Her Eyes”, as is the fact that the film was made from a place of inclusive, forgiving love, like that which marked their relationship in the author’s (his mother’s) life.״


Always the Same Dream

"Always the Same Dream” is a well-compacted story, with outstanding casting, superb acting, intelligent visualization – and Tzvika Pik. There’s really no need for anything more to turn this into the most remarkable cult series ever done on Israeli television.״


London, Corner of Ben-Yehuda

“’London, Corner of Ben-Yehuda’ is a television treat of rare quality, taking us on a personal journey through the realm of Hebrew. What might have turned into an exercise in cultural patronization is, in fact, a passionate display of love of the language.”

Ariana Melamed ,"Haaretz"

Dan and Muzli

“Dan and Muzli is a quality programming that children will have great fun watching. Musically, it’s truly a joy.”

Yael Kaneh

Lod Bypass – Jerusalem Film Festival

“Orna Raviv’s ’Lod Bypass’, describing the lives of a school principal and his pupils, is an important, outstanding film and the polar opposite of typical youth dramas designed to sell Bamba and chewing gum.”

Ariana Melamed, October 27, 2009

The Land Beyond the Mountains

"An important and fascinating film that every person here must see.”

Maya Sela, “What’s Involved”, KAN Culture

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