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Murder at Cinema North

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Documentary |  2020

A story of destiny and grace, about a Holocaust survivor who became an embittered criminal, about another Holocaust survivor he shoots to death, and about the victim’s widow, who forgives his murderer. At the heart of the story are the biographies of the murderer and his victim, the victim’s wife and the murderer’s mother. This is a tale of victim become victimizer -- and the moral guilt of a mother who collaborated with the Nazis.

Broadcaster | KAN Public Broadcasting

Director | Avida Livni

Created by | Yaron London, Avida Livni

Editor | Yoni Cohen

Line Producer |  Donna Hacohen Naor

Producers |  Moran Cohen, Tal Levithan

Produced with the support of | Yehoshua Rabinovitch Tel Aviv Foundation for the Arts

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