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Dvora Omer – Rain in her Eyes

Rain in Her Eyes.png

Documentary |  2020

The story of Dvora Omer’s three children - Gil, Tali and Ron – her husband Shmuel and her sister Vered Mosinzon. By combining their impressions with those of Omer’s readers, born in the 1980s, the movie reveals the unique character of this noted children’s author, along with the tragic life-long story that finds expression in her books. 

Mayor of Tel – Aviv Award for Debut Film DOCAVIV 2020

Ophir Awards Winner 2020

Broadcaster | Hot 8

Director | Ron Omer

Created by | Ron Omer

Editor | Ron Omer

Line Producer | Donna Hacohen Naor

Producer | Tal Levithan

Produced with the support of FILM&MEDIA COLLABORATIVE GMFF, The AVI CHAI Foundation, MAIMONIDES FUND.

MAKOR FOUNDATION For Israeli films And Mifal Hapais.

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