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01 season  | 2019

02 season | 2022

Released from prison after 17 years, Asa Katz is enlisted by the police to serve as a motivator -- a fictitious prisoner placed in the same cell with a genuine suspect in order to elicit an unwitting confession. At the time of his release, no one waits for him outside the prison, not even his brother David, a wealthy entrepreneur. Asa sets out to get revenge on the brother and his associates, who threw him “to the dogs”.

Winner of Best Script Award at Berlin Series Festival 2019

Broadcaster | YES

Director | Ariel Benbaji

Created by | Adam Bizanski, Omri Shenhar, Donna Eden

Cast | Or Ben-Melech, Amos Tammam, Anya Bookstein

Line Producer | Zohar Hanuni

Executive Producers | Donna Eden,  Shula Spiegel

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